Why are Marijuana stocks/Pot stocks/Weed Stocks DOWN after legalization….?? In today’s video we’ll be going over 3 reasons why I believe the marijuana …


  1. Lebron to the Lakers… Cousins to the Warriors……. WOW… The only bigger news is that the channel just hit 2k subs!!!

    Thank you all for watching the video and for the ongoing support so far! I really hope you guys enjoyed today's video! πŸ™‚

    Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with me? These are just my opinions and feel free to leave your thoughts below!

  2. Thought I was being smart in Feb 18 buying into several MJ companies before the big vote. I'm way down and who would have thought mj stocks would plummet after a passing vote. I wish I would have considered buying between July and October, who knew? I guess I'm in for the long haul now. With 3 more months before recreational selling begins how low are mj stocks going? After October 17th they will have to skyrocket just to get me even! Concerned but not defeated.

  3. Great Video – this industry needs you to go long to win. This video was therapy for me πŸ™‚ We have some tech pivots in this sector, one is a digital social marketplace , the other is which is seed to sale for craft growers.We are a startup there. We also noticed the ancillary ecosystem is just getting rolling. All the M&A you will see is production related and will be for the next year, but give it time and get in early on ancillary and you will be next up to bat for some home runs!

    Ah yes – hoops πŸ™‚ For sure Lebron to the Lakers is amazing news! (congrats on 2k!) , wonder if Lonzo gets traded? I don't think so, I think Magic Johnson sees his game play in Lonzo and will work to make him the key point guard the drives the offense. Defense… ahh whatever πŸ™‚

    Go Lakers!

  4. I remember watching the news and immediately thought of you and your previous video. I wondered what your opinions would be now that there's an official date.

    Congrats on 2k, very well deserved!

  5. What do you think about slowly increasing holdings on China since it is in bear market? Or should we waiting longer (do you think chinese stocks like BABA and TCEHY will keep going down?)

  6. Great reasoning Brandon, personally agree on all 3 points. Even if a stock gets "good" news, if that news is already priced in, it will not have a significant effect. Investors who may have expected a pop sell shares to at least take some profits. Combined with overvaluation, you have a formula for a lot of short term volatility.

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