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  1. I'm in your same shooes,i have anxuxity pretty bad,but I don't take anything and I sorta have a fear of weed…or thc. I didn't check,but I will look for an update,great video!

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  3. If you expect a panic attack, you'll get one. It's like when preparing for an acid trip. I was going to see George Carlin at the Roy Thompson hall in Toronto which kind of looks like a spaceship, so I prepared for a great trip, and it was a great trip. Carlin on that spaceship took me to places I had never been before. Anyway, I used to work in a cannabis dispensary for years, and espeically the patients with high tolerance would never listen, when I told them to take just a 1/4 of a cookie that was especially strong. Of course they never listened, and gave themselves a panic attack, because when you take too much of an edible, the first thing that often comes to mind is, 'oh my god, I'm dying'. Firstly, that's not possible. The idiot….er, patient, ended up in the ER wasting tax payer money claiming he was having a heart attack, when all he was having was a reaction to gluttony. Try to find a 1 : 1 cbd to thc ratio. Hard to find but thc has beneficial effects for anxiety too. THC is not "the bad guy". Too many doctors give it a bad rap…..why? Because it makes you feel good, and that's the main reason. Heaven forbid a medicine that makes you feel good. Please, put me back on morphine so I can feel like my lungs are collapsing and I can't breath. Yes, so much better than THC, which makes me feel good.Not high…good. I haven't been high on cannabis since I was 23 or 24. You just need the right combo, and people who will help you get healthy, instead of wasted. Now all the LPs(licensed producers, aka friends of Trudeau, know how to rip you off and make money off cannabis) but I, like the real caring dispensaries, (as there are many out there unlike our mayor in Toronto would have you believe,) have 20 years of real knowledge on the efficacy of cannabis on them. What do the LPs have….propaganda like Reefer Madness. Ok, well they have gotten a little better than that, but I knew more about the strains they had at Mettrum then they did. Now it's Tweed…see they are all consolidating….smells more like monopoly than cannabis) Btw, medical cannabis has been legal according to the supreme court for nearly 20 years. I worked in the 2 of the 1st dispensaries operating in Toronto, back when most of the clients were HIV positive or full blown. So the recreational dopeheads, owe a lot to those very sick people in pain and dying and still putting themsleves out there, on court steps smoking their medicine which the supreme court of Canada said they could do time and time again, as caring dispensary volunteers were getting arrested. If it weren't for those of us in medical need of cannabis, and our constant in your face push to have it legalized not only for medical use, but for recreational use, those of you, who use it for fun, wouldn't have July 1st 2018 to celebrate. If not for all the men with AIDs, now long since passed, and all those brave women with breast and ovarian cancer, and kids with grand mal seizures, too many of which I witnessed. Do you know what some of you could do to show some gratitude for all the risk taking, the cop beatings, the illegal arrests….you know what you could do?.You could set aside a good portion of your grows and set aside some free medicine for those of us living below the poverty line and yet still expected to afford 30 bucks a day in cannabis. How, when I live on less than 11,000 a year does that work? Morphine is cheaper. I have never once been able to afford my entire prescription. Not once. Only when I was well enough to work in a dispensary was I never fearful of not having enough money. Btw, Chase, with that LP card, you will be able to join any medical dispensary in Canada. I have joined some in BC and they mail it to me. Sometimes their grams and ounces are a lot cheaper than any of the LPs. Much much cheaper. Still cant afford my entire prescription, but some is better than none.Also, dont know if you are still with Mettrum, now Tweed, but they offer a 20% discount for those making less than 30,000 per year. It doesn't help me much, given the tax just pretty much eats up the discount, but thought you should know. And if you want to know about the good dispensaries both in Toronto and those in BC, who mail order, I would be happy to point you towards some reputable organizations. They even pay their taxes. The good ones do anyway. Cheers. PS… I've never found eating to be the best way to deal with anxiety. Once you get used to the right dosing…maybe. But vaping, or smoking, is actually better for me….I have ativan too…on emergency, but rarely use it now. Because vaping and smoking hit you faster, you have much better control over dosing. Tinctures, under the tongue work well too. And if you have concerns about your liver processing too much, I am not kidding here, but suppositories work well too. There's all kind of videos on how to make suppositories. And if you're in Toronto for the last of May day weekend and the cannabis march, before legalization, look me up. My time with dispensaries over the years hooked me up with many different people giving me vaporizers, bongs, one hitters and all sorts of other tools to make the medicine go down a little better. And to give a product review.We'll definitely raise the trans quotient…at any rate well, a tiny fraction.

  4. Water helps with the effects of thc, cbd is legal every where it's thc that ain't legal every where and I find it funny how you took oil that has more cbd to it then thc and you still experienced anxiety lol

  5. Cbd tinctures are also a good option for daily use bcs it's a lot faster.
    If u have a medical marijuana card there are a lot of Canadian dispensary websites u can order from and there is tons of selection.

  6. With my experience and the current words I've put towards the feelings, cannabis oil is the grounding factor that's in cannabis and feels like swimming or waves, definitely more like surfing as if you can catch the emotional waves before you either get swept over, under, or choose embody certain ones and find their voice within you. It is a bit like being drunk, where you could fold your head over, looking down and get lost in the feeling of the weight of yourself, so your consciousness is slowed down and yet you're still in control since the "reality" of response time is whatever you would enforce or know by your own measurement of normal or habit.

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