Horace Cooper Discusses Marijuana Legalization on Fox News

This short excerpt from “Ingraham Angle,” broadcast on Fox News on 11/16/17 and featuring Horace Cooper of Project 21 and the National Center for Public …


  1. Lol fox news sure likes to Strut out states rights when they feel like it and dismiss it when it suits them. Sigh This shit is so fustrating. This commentator was so openly bias and her claims are so weak, while she misrepresents what the weed guy was saying. The other guy thats against weed he made some outrageous claims about the connection between weed and education with ZERO evidence of cause and effect. The lady did the same thing in relation to hostpital and driving accidents.

  2. marijuana should not be used for recreation only if the body is sick the problem that you're having it's just like if your drinking and you go out driving a car that's drinking and driving and marijuana use is the same thing they're so high in California they're growing it in their house in the backyard and it's just crazy you walk up and down the street you can smell it I think it's been misuse because this girl next door to me is only 13 years old there's nothing wrong with her and she smokes it all the time

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