Cannabis News – Oklahoma Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Measure | Ep. 168 | 6-27-2018

Joe Klare discusses teen marijuana use in Colorado, a huge vote in Oklahoma and the latest on recreational sales in Massachusetts. 06-27-2018 – Ep. 168 …


  1. You have to know the Puritans in Oklahoma are going to attach all sorts of restrictions on Medical cannabis. This is what they love to do, if they can't make it outright illegal they will attach so many restrictions that it will be functionally illegal.
    The only answer I can think of right now is to point out to people that many, many, medicines are used off label, and then to ask them who do they want making their medical decisions, them and their Doctor and them or their government bureaucrat who BTW is driven by politics and not actual medical knowledge.

  2. The medical dispensaries in Massachusetts already have licensed testing labs….why do they have to re license for recreational? This represents an unfair burden to the testing labs. Imho this Is just prohibitionist fuckery by the CCC

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