Our First Podcast!?

We got sent a bunch of equipment, so we decided to try our first podcast! Sorry for all the technical difficulties, we’re still experimenting lol. Leave a comment if …


  1. so Im watching this with my friend and she says "Dude…hitting a girl 's the worst thing hes done?" and I was like "I know right, one time my friend got a detention and showed up a little late so the chick in charge was going to give him ANOTHER detention so he pulled down his pants and took a shit on the floor." then my firend says "bro that was me….and thats not even the worst thing ive done…do you remember kaylee's pet cockroach?… I was like "yeah…Shwig" and she was like "Yeah I killed itπŸ˜‚" WTH!!!!

  2. Hitting your kids is a great parenting technique. Children can't really understand emotional pain. (e.g. taking away their things) Physical pain hurts more for children I think.

  3. … I've never related to something so much as the thing about college textbooks & I also did not realize that's not a normal thing until just now ΒΏ πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

  4. I liked this (and yes I did watch it till the end).I like just hearing you guys talk instead of having a scripted kind of thing and its cool to get to really know you guys more/ hear unfiltered stories.

  5. In the night my brain can start with one topic like school and in 2 minutes it will a totally different topic because I somehow connected on topic to another to another and keep on going on until a go to a completely different topic

  6. yes Ryan we grew up with you, I literally owe you my life because without your videos and inspiration I wouldntve been the person that I am now. I've been here since "How to be ninja" and watched every single video -started watching when i was like 11 or 12, now I am 22-. I speak fluent almost native American English because of your videos, never took courses, school didn't help with anything but the basics because I was always ahead of the class in English because of watching your videos, I am now a rapper and trying to start doing YouTube videos in general, where I live, Egypt, being a middle class family is effed up so I'm trynna make things work, and it's all thanks to you, maybe you've inspired and influenced people the way you did to me, so keep going and doing amazing stuff. Thank you for everything.

  7. So he says most people watching are about 18 or 20

    I’m 12….

    But I have been watching for years so I don’t care about their cussing at this point

    Luv ur vids!

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