Wow! People Who DON’T Want Marijuana Legalized Sound Really Angry!

July 31, 2017 C-SPAN News C-SPAN phone lines were open for viewer calls and social media comments on the question, “Should …


  1. God bless America!! Didn't know we had so many mentally challenged individuals. Still waiting for one good argument from someone against the legalization of marijuana. I really want to hear just one logical argument for why iTs a bad idea to allow people access to a quintessential medicine…

  2. Stupid bitch from Maryland…we don't smoke it at work! We're sick of your attitude! Our change comes when we want to smack the shit out of people like YOU! It has nothing to do with any substance. It has to do with morons like YOU aggravating people!

  3. Your very fact filled people will try to make money where there can. I'm in Canada.No Driving can't control that?People become lazy but there lazy as it is?he has a point. There's black market for them.

  4. Cannabis is not a gateway drug! This is a non sense argument that the anti pot scum have been using as a crutch to persuade voters! When politicians use scare tactics, fear tactics whatever you call it. That is when you should worry not because of the scare tactic but because you know it is shady. When the use this tactic that is simply them on their last leg trying their hardest to pass another pile of shit for us to eat!

    The only reason cannabis is illegal still today. Is simply because it is the single most revenue generating source the scum bag towns, cities, states have to take in billions a year screwing people over with their hypocrisy.

    Plain and clear politicians, police etc anyone who is suppose to be "leading" and creating more arbitrary "laws" which they are not can never be trusted. They are all scum with the exception of a few very few!

    by the way the people that are calling in are straight retarded and have no knowledge of anything especially cannabis use. These morons are simply regurgitating the bullshit that was used to brainwash their dumbasses.

    Humans are so flawed and disgusting and smart but, retarded as hell at the same time.

    It is the populations fault that these scumbags meaning our "leaders" take away every inch of freedom and pursuit of happiness and prosperity by their greed, bias and political agendas along with a lengthy list of more issues wrong with the whole system.

    These scumbag cunts have ruined everything!

  5. my state [maine] made legal marijuana a dirty thing with there restriction only to big businesses and make it illegal for the everyday person to grow more than 3 plants

  6. it is amazing how stupid they are, brainwashed and on a loop, theyre stuck on brainwashed, hardly persuaded even with pure logic, infact logic seems to be something theyre not grasping atall..probably from poor diet pollution and fluoride poisoning…

  7. Did you know that the federal government has the registered patent on all marijuana and anything that comes from marijuana, like medical uses, etc. You can look it up on UTube. Why would they have the patent if it supposedly has no use whatsoever?

  8. I don't care if you oppose legalization, or if you favor it, as long as you can make an INTELLIGENT and INFORMED argument.

    The vast majority of the comments in this video take ignorance to an entirely new level.

    Hey, people! How about citing some legitimate sources? If you haven't done your research, then STFU.

    It's against the constitution? Bullshit! It's against your religious views? You know what? I don't give a damn about YOUR religious views. It's a gateway drug? Fine. Then show me some formal studies, and cite some real facts, and stop with the Hearsay.

    Go do some REAL research. Look at legitimate studies on the issue. Talk to people who use it medicinally. Cancer patients. People with Chronic Pain. Talk to people who use it for recreational purposes, for whatever reason. Talk to medical professionals who are INFORMED on this issue.

    Talk to families of people who died from a marijuana overdose. Oh, wait…there aren't any.

    I could smoke a big-fat-doobie, and I'd still be able to state my case more eloquently than many of these callers.

    I could go on, but as they say, you can’t argue with stupid.

    Like it or not, marijuana WILL be legal in the USA in our lifetime. The people have spoken. The ball is rolling, and nothing can stop it now.

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