Interview: Marijuana Legalization & States’ Rights

George Mason University Law Professor Ilya Somin analyzes Jeff Sessions’ attempt to crack down on state marijuana legalization from a …


  1. U.S. state recreational marijuana legalization is worth a federal crackdown because it is not a state issue it is a threat to national security. Criminal cartels, gangs and other types of criminals are exploiting U.S. state recreational marijuana legalization because of its additional access to recreational marijuana. They produce it in places like Colorado, Washington and so on and traffic it around the United States, causing crime.

    (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 4: Page 115): Criminal organizations exploiting recreational marijuana legalization(Amendment 64) in Colorado by operating multiple "sophisticated residential grows." Residential grows are allowed under Amendment 64 and the citations explains it was part of examples of “Colorado marijuana” being used by criminals.

    (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 2: Page 102): A outlaw motorcycle gang exploited recreational marijuana legalization: "The driver of the vehicle was employed as a “marijuana trimmer” at a warehouse in which marijuana plants are cultivated. Denver P.D., in conjunction with DEA, subsequently served three search warrants at three different warehouses in the city of Denver.” Then it goes on to say they were “profiting from liberal marijuana laws”. Cultivation operations are perfectly legal in Colorado because of recreational marijuana legalization and that gang of criminals exploited it.

    (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 5: Page 4): Hundreds of felony arrests of criminal organizations operatives and individual criminals caught illegally selling Colorado marijuana in and out of Colorado.

    (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 5: Page 122): "Texas Trio Charged with Murder during Marijuana Robbery: Three individuals from Texas were charged with first-degree murder while attempting to rob David Gaytan in May 2017. The shooting that lead to the death of David Gaytan occurred at a mobile home park in Lightner Creek, Colorado. District Attorney Christian Champagne, in a response to the shooting, stated, Colorado voters have clearly stated they are in favor of legalized marijuana… which makes the state a target for people with nefarious intent from other states. It’s a problem; I don’t know where the solution is”.

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