2017 Cannabis Expo Honolulu Hawaii Vlog 022

Mama surprised me with Taking Me to the Dopest Expo I’ve Ever Been To…Hawaii Cannabis Expo Share this Video with 2 Friends… Text, Post SHARE this …


  1. I am never watching your Vlog again bro your teeth get me disgusting I swear use a toothbrush they're so yellow okay that they can actually glow bro not cool

  2. I'm in Honolulu right now and drove pass by the Hawaii Cannabis event earlier… where the hell can I find some greens here? I'm a Canadian and have my medicinal marijuana card, but the dispensaries here won't accept that I heard…. this is brutal, it's a medicine for crying out loud, stupid rules… and Charles, I saw some bums outside who were smoking, but it smelt like garbage, don't think they could afford the good stuff… any links anyone???

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