1. I loved how you’re like…I’m spacey lmao! Same girl! I use thc/weed for my anorexia as well! It does help me but sometimes I get super anxious just like you said because I would get the munchies then end up restricting because I wouldn’t want to end up binging. You are the bomb love your personality, I wish we could live together and do this journey of recovery together, but I’m stuck in OHIO.

  2. I completely understand why CBD is helpful, and why you would explore it. But as someone who has been in treatment a number of times, i've come to learn that experiencing the anxiety is an essential part of recovering. Learning how to work through that and "riding the wave" of the physical sensations is apart of the building blocks for your long-term recovery. It may be good for just getting food down as far as weight-restoration, but becoming too dependent on CBD could hinder you in the long-run.

  3. Thx so for share I tried medical and I hated it dont like being high Im gonna try the cbd I just luv u and ur videos I can so relate to them Im a recovered bulimic Its a struggle every meal everyday which not always do I even eat every meal everyday but so many people dont get it😘

  4. You’re so inspirational and I have loved seeing your growth on this channel. Since you read so much, would you mind giving us a book shelf tour? Lol. Or just some good recommendations on what to read. Whether it’s for recovery, minimalism, veganism, meditation, or something random you enjoyed! I would love to get some good ideas for what you spend your time reading that I might also like! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. You’re doing great!

  5. CBD is great, a lot better than usual weed. If you order off the internet make sure you get it from cbdistillery.com , there has been a scam site called empirewellness, they've scammed me out of like 400$ make sure to know where you're buying it from!

  6. Maybe you could try to eat around on the plate. I bite of Salat, than one bite of bread and so one 🙂 you will do it right someday! Love from Germany

  7. CBD Does soooo many things it’s ridiculous. You guys can order it from https://www.thecbdistillery.com but it’s only legal in like 48 states? Not in Hawaii or Kansas so far. I personally smoke my CBD like you would wax (concentrate, dabs, etc.) CBD oil is much better for you than any form though. Just a few drops under your tongue. You’ll start feeling the effects once you take it daily for a few days. Normally if I take a CBD edible it usually gets rid of anxiety not so much help my appetite but I don’t find the texture of food that great but we are all just trying to improve. I’m glad you share your story’s with us. (: much love from SoCal ((:

  8. what i suggest about eating the higher cal foods is to put an equal amount of your food (like a lil lettuce, a lil sourkraut, a lil potato) on one fork or spoon and eat it all at the same time rather than picking at it. or cut all your food up and put it in one bowl. much love!

  9. You're doing ok. What really helps me is realizing I am not under any obligation to not feel anxious. You don't have to be okay all of the time. You are allowed to be anxious. Just eat the food and then breathe. Congratulate yourself at doing it anyway. Keep doing it anyway. You'll get there.

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