How To Rewire Your Brain For Better Sleep, Reset Your Brain’s Tolerance To Marijuana & Alcohol,…

Six months ago, I visited the Peak Brain Institute in Los Angeles, California for a special type of advanced brain scan …


  1. Interesting!!!! This kind of stuff intrigues me after having attained a BA in Psychology in 2012, and a 5 hour brain surgery in 1985 lol! I couldn't believe it when my brain surgeon had told me I would regain 85% back in my left-side. Well, in 1995, I was doing 85 lb dumbbells with my left-side, and 100 lb dumbbells with my right. My brain surgeon also let me watch a brain biopsy while I was in the Radiologic Technology program, in which, there had only been three done at Valley Medical Center at that time. They actually do this procedure while the patient is awake, and track the measurements where to insert the biopsy catheter by way of a CAT Scan. Great stuff!

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