Canabis news today ,Kanye West lawsuit, Bill to legalize marijuana, and CBD research,

This video covers a few headline articles cannabis NEWS Today like Kanye West lawsuit the Democratic Sen. Cory Booker bill to legalize marijuana and some …


  1. I live in Tx, this state sucks!! I am 61 yrs old, and probably die before they ever legalize it, so fuckem, I will smoke it legal or not, I have severe arthritis in almost every freaking bone in my body, I take opiates for the pain, but I'm thinking of quitting them and use cannabis instead, I have a good source and the quality is good and plentiful, the law can suck it, love your video's bruh, you give me a positive attitude that it WILL be legalized, keep up the good work bruh, fixing to medicate…✌

  2. What's up, man. You do really well when you have topics to talk about. I don't know if you rehearse first or not. Whatever it is, you should do the same thing with the live stream. Pick a subject, do some research, tell us what the subject is and get a dialog going. Keep up the good work. Later.

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