What To Do If You’re Too High On Weed

For all the 420 newbies, if you’re too high on weed – everything’s going to be alright. Subscribe to Lifehacker: Visit us at: …


  1. is she taking the Mickey? half of those things I would not do. like phone a friend. could make you even more paranoid if you can't keep a conversation…

  2. This video is wack, in my opinion. I made the mistake of eating a 500 mg brownie and the only thing I can say that does the experience justice is "Oh dear god'. if you are a little too high from something like smoking, this might work but that being said, so would a long shower and a big order of Chinese food. Eating it, unlike smoking it, doesn't have an off button and you have to ride that shit out for the long haul because when ingested orally, its processed by your liver and gets turned into a much stronger psychoactive substance .

  3. i dont think this helps i was so fucked up yesterday i puked everything was spinning even my vision became fucked up i couldnt focus on anything i had weird pains everywhere i tried watching rick and morty i swear to god it felt like they were speaking another language that entire time i didnt know where i was what was happening and i also completely forgot what happened 2 seconds after something happened when i tried to talk i was starting a sentence than 2 seconds later id be talking about something else its happened before when i finished like 2 big bowls by for me and 2 for my friend my. friend was a little more tolerant so i ended up nearly going insane cause i was so confused but luckily i passed out pretty fucken quick when that second bowl kicked in

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