[News] WTF is the Cannabis Caucus?

As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana, a bipartisan caucus has formed called the “Cannabis Caucus”, and they plan on working within the …


  1. Fuck pot … that shit smells like crap and I dont want to go on the streets smelling that shit all the fucking time , also lets be honest that smoke is not good even coming from weed , so what about us who doesnt want to consume it? There needs to be a huge legislation beyond "ok you can consume it now werever"

  2. I haven't seen you in my YouTube app for literally months. I realized I wasn't seeing your videos and came looking for you again and I'm catching up on your videos as I pack.

    Just thought I should let the channel know that.

  3. Cannabis has healing properties that are astounding, the lack of understanding what is in front of you is tremendous. Hemp takes in more co2 than trees and has an overwhelming amount of product uses. You cant justify prohibiting this plant.

  4. Even if you're against smoking weed, think about this.

    The Netherlands' tax revenue from coffee shops every year is approximately 400 million.
    The Netherlands only have between 17 and 18 million nationals, add a very generous 2 million tourists to the consumption numbers and it's still only 20 million consumers, and that's best case scenario.

    Also we only tax the back-end of the economic chain that is the weed trade, imagine the potential tax revenue if we started taxing the growers and the transporters too.

    Scale the math up to the U.S.A, e.g. 320 million people and you get 6.5 billion dollars a year in extra revenue.
    Add to that that the weed consumption ratio per capita is actually higher than in the Netherlands, and that number becomes even greater.

    And the best part is the whole production chain is already in place, no greenhouses have to be built or production facilities.

    Financially this is a no brainer…

  5. It is a great idea to legalize pot. It needs to be kept out of younger hands though. Also rules need to be put on it pretty fast at the same time it is legalized though. Don't want pot to end like tobacco with all the companies adding those nasty chemicals and whatever other kind of shit to weed like they can with tobacco. That is the only thing I fear about pot legalization. Otherwise not many downsides to it.

  6. Well over half of the DEA's job is pot interdiction. Legalize pot and we could cut over 1/2 of the DEA tomorrow. These parasites are fighting to keep their jobs even if it means destroying peoples' lives for nothing.

  7. I think that pot should remain the way it is: illegal to the federal government, with a few havens where it's legal to grow and sell. Not because I think marijuana is bad, mind you, but because I love the idea of creating a pot monopoly in the West so we can undersell the foreign producers and make serious, serious bank. Crony capitalism FTW, bitches. B-)

    More seriously, I want to see currently illegal drugs become a wholly government enterprise. The products of those drugs–especially the ridiculously long list of cool things you can make from the marijuana plant–should be the subject of capitalist initiative, as should devising a way to make the cannibis plant more medicinally beneficial than handing a brownie or a joint to a sick person and saying "go nuts". We don't give people willow bark instead of asprin, so we shouldn't be giving them plant leaves instead of a distilled and refined version that will give the maximum benefit for the minimum harm. As to making the other drugs a government enterprise, I think it's the best way to (for now) ensure purity and quality because frankly, the current sellers of illegal drugs give no fucks about either measure so there's no point of reference for capitalist initiative to produce heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, etc to an acceptable standard of quality. Until that part's been worked out, it should be a government enterprise to regulate quality and a dosage.

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