Veteran Mike Whiter Explains How Cannabis Can Help Veterans With PTSD | NowThis

This is the life-changing impact cannabis can have on veterans with post-traumatic stress. » Subscribe to NowThis: Veteran …


  1. I've seen so many somewhat similar stories with veterans like Mike dealing with PTSD. Cannabis and hemp should've been globally accessible to anyone who deems it as pure help. Cigarettes, alcohol, and, especially, the pills the doctor dumps on people, don't do what cannabis can. Like Mississippi, the federal government will try every other way besides cannabis and it's disgusting how long reform for cannabis hasn't taken place.

  2. FDA strictly regulates on organic to natural remedies on dietary supplements, yet frame us with some sort of disorders, diseases, illnesses etc.. Problem Reaction Solution goes their big mobsters pharmaceuticals, it is a well designed scheme to addict & drain your bank accounts and put you on the fast-track/lane to your deathbeds.. If you truly has the needs for weeds good for you buds!

  3. Thanks for telling your story, Mike. I agree with you that to keep calling it a “Disorder” is a problem. If it’s something that affects so many people maybe there isn’t something wrong with having a reaction to that type of trauma. Destigmatizing the this and turning it into a conversation might allow people, especially us macho vets, to get help. Whether it’s through therapy or weed or something else, it’s OK to ask for help.

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