Using Cannabis Oil to Treat Epilepsy, Local Ga. Football Player Declared Ineligible for NCAA

We first reported on CJ Harris and his successful treatment of epilepsy with cannabis oil back in February when local news heard about his dream to play at …


  1. Who in the hell do we as humans think we are , that we have the right to dictate others health and well being. The corruption in the United States runs deep and every waking moment rears it’s ugly head. Thank you dc420 stories like this shared among the internet are what will force our elected officials to make changes or be uninvited to there party! Pot for peace and keep up the good work Dave and Chela.

  2. Football is BOOT CAMP for the Pentagon, If you decide early in your life to join the Military Industrial Complex/Football Farm System, to commit yourself to the adoration and participation of Orchestrated Violence….fuck you. I've no Empathy for any of these guys White or Black, they made their choices….let those choices Naturally Select these Football Shitheads Outta the Gene Pool.

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