Jeremy Hunt: Government review over cannabis oil is greatly needed – Daily Mail

As Charlotte Caldwell sees it, there are two versions of her 12-year-old son Billy (pictured together, left and right). The first is the Billy who, twice daily, is given a …


  1. I was pissed off when I heard that Philip may Theresa mays husband owns and is legally allowed to grow cannabis and sell it off to other countries and banned cannabis oil or treatment for people who needs it!

    And if cannabis has no medical benifts as our corrupt government suggests why are they growing and selling it off for medical purposes around the world?

    Hypocrisy and is disgusting, legalize cannabis completely you greedy bastards

  2. John snow is an old twat who should be retired,his views are ridiculous and outdated,and he should not be on any news channel in the world full stop spreading his influence like most of these media morons

  3. If you look at the trade over the years, glass, mold, rot, soap bar, damaging weed all over the streets, the law against is doing more harm imo, prettey much i9mpossible where im from to source anything but weed that is unpleasant, rotten or has had something done to it, in terms of being used to make oil or sprayed in some kind of chemical. The shit burns your lungs, makes you feel sick, good weed doesn't do that and its hard to find because of the law.

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  5. UK is still in the stone age full stop, people's attitudes towards the oil are so tempered by media /political influence over the years,it's all been so demonized by people who are so badly informed,we allow alcohol, tobacco, sugar which are far more dangerous and of course our doctors dish out opioids like sweets,make sense of that if you can

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