The Marijuana Industry Is Coming for Big Alcohol | MERRY JANE News

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  1. notice how in today's advertisements alcohol companies are hashing out a very large amount. I feel like it's more than even fast food chains

  2. Both are awesome. Choosing between amongst them depends on the event or surroundings. times such as kicking it at home alone or companion seems to make time fly when smoking alone. but nothing beats a nice stiff/proper cocktail at a bar or lounge. can't wait to try the infused weed/alcohol.

  3. UUuuuuuuuh I'M SORRY: "Tasteless THC tablets you can DROP INTO ANY DRINK" ?? …. So basically THC roofies? Like I love weed as much as the next person but I'm not okay with how date-rapey that could potentially be, just sayin.

  4. yes sir bud! over alcohol any day r.i.p. my brother donny l barton pasted away in 2011 from drinking alcohol cause a dude named lamont mack said my brother was no man if he didn't drink alcohol i forgive that man but mainly yup bud is safer than alcohol facts

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