Hempworx CBD Oil Review After The First 100 Days-My Testimonial

Here Is My Hempworx CBD Oil Review After The First 100 Days. To find out more take a look at CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil …

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  1. I bought the Hempworx 500mg oil for insomnia and knee pain. I know I have other minor ailments & maybe the HW oil is working on those issues first, bc it is not helping my knee pain at all nor my insomnia. I have been taking the oil for a month now. I went from 5 drops to 10 drops a day, sometime twice a day. I am going to try the HWO 750mg since it's stronger & hope it will help with my osteoarthritis knee pain. The insomnia is not an every night issue, so I can continue to deal with that if I have to. Will update in about two months on taking the HWO 750mg, which I already have. I wld like to see HWO testimonies on YT of people taking the oil who are not sellers, just buyers.

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