Marijuana Stocks 2018 | Cryptocurrency | News | RICH TV LIVE & David Moadel

Marijuana Stocks 2018| Cryptocurrency | News | RICH TV LIVE & David Moadel – March 12, 2018 Today David Moadel and I talk about the top stocks and …


  1. Sunniva is good af imo. The cali facility is going to be huge, and once there financing is closed! Game on, uptick. I got 1000 shares at $11.38, made $ up from 9.8-14.8. buy in the red, sell in the green. :). Tgif, namaste, were my picks last year, but those ones have really gone up a lot. SNN is my favourite three mj stocks, Mari, is my biggest position, but dang the publicity is killing the stock. As far as the medreleaf and aphria shoppers drug mart deal, I dont think its as big of a deal , just because shoppers needs to apply for a sales license and wont get that till close to 2020 im thinking. Maybe im wrong, but I got no $$ in the game for the shoppers drug mart stocks. my newest additions to my mj stock portfolio are lgc capital, and nu , nu is a energy company thats got a deal going on with lexaria for cbd and thc. lg i got in at .225 , then nu my average about 0.17. Pretty small positions. But yeah Abattis might be a pick, its just getting harder and harder to find these undervalued picks. I think Sunniva will do very well there share count is so low after the financing 30m shares. Could see it going to $30-50 this year, not saying it will, but they get working busy on there bc facility, and get there license for california, watch out, there revenues will be legit. Plus the 45000kg per year deal with canopy is a legitimate 200m per year revenue deal at minimum. Im looking into phivida, they just did a deal with weedmd, and got some redbull ex guys joining there team. The phivida doing cbd infused beverages. Think trading about $1.3 per share, ill wait to sell one of my stocks in the green, before getting small position with them like 1000-2000 shares.

  2. Gents, point to ponder, or a question actually…. It appears Canadian legalization may not be ready from a sales, policing and overall preparation perspective until August. Do you anticipate low volumes and ignorance to the Canadian MJ market in the summer? I know seasonality is key in the industry, however, legalization, seems bigger than seasonality… care to guess what the parabolic will look like after March and April earnings for the industry until September, which should be a massive upward movement?

  3. Morning Guys, Thanks great vid! Rich Got an interesting small one for you and would love to hear your thoughts buddy…what do you think about MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (MYM.CN) you like ?? It looks like a smaller Jr. Cronos Group Inc. (CRON.V)…..?? Global opportunities?? TOTALLY AGREE with your thoughts.. i'm all over the new 10X hitters … woww scary how the same we are on our picks AND GAMPLAN!!! COME ON 2018.. LET DO IT AGAIN THIS YR RICH & DAVE!! 🙂 Thanks guys!!

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