The Exit Drug | Full Documentary

The Exit Drug documentary, created by Weedmaps, investigates how cannabis could play a major role in ending the opioid crisis, a public health emergency that …


  1. Govenment and big pharma with doctors turned people on and then took it away when it went out of controle… Canabis is naturally safe and very usefull. Give humans back the herb take it away from control by law for profit.

  2. I don't get why you guys insist on sending people in California to illegal shops, mind you with poor service, they answer to know one with no regulations. Without these enforcements we are left with subpar medication. Your users deserve better.

  3. The Feds don't want weed legalized because it will not kill you as fast as they would like it to. Like alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical, fast food. If they can get your FICA money from you check for 40 to 50 years and then you die from alcoholism, lung cancer, obesity, pharma overdose, Then your social security money is in there hands and not yours. Then they take that money and give it to the illegal people that just jump the border yesterday in the form of welfare. We live in a free country LOL you can buy porn, guns, ammo, poison, tobacco, alcohol but not weed that came from water and a seed. How petty and stupid is that???

  4. Awful side effects of opioids after I had surgery for cancer. The opioids I received inpatient are effective, but very addictive. Even inpatient, I noticed that I always wanted more. Thank god it was regulated when I took them. I have been a regular user of cannabis, and other products to help relieve chronic pain I have post-op, and I have been off opioids since being discharged. The key-word is Medicinal Marijuana, rather than recreational. As long as this medicine is regulated, I think it is exponentially better than opioids. As long as, in the long run, this medicine doesn’t cause harm, it should be used to help regulate pain.

  5. MUCH, MUCH more alcohol related accidents/ fatalities then cannabis. Just watch LIVE PD! Not to mention the family lives it destroys. CDC O.D. statistics are skewed/ inflated. They include heroin addicts who've been shooting up for years, tooters of the stuff, meth addicts, cocaine ANYONE WHO O.D.'S ON ANY CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE….such B.S….GET REAL, CDC!!! Well-managed chronic pain patients are very unlikely to overdose – this has been statistically proven.

  6. 3:55 MOST DECEPTIVE CHART I’VE EVER SEEN HONESTLY FUCK YOU. 1991 it was 76 million prescriptions and twenty years later it was 219 million but you made it look like it had gone up twenty times instead of just three. FUCK YOU

  7. Cannabis makes it such that you cannot drive because you're high – so you can't leave the house… what good is that? 1 hydrocodone a day when I have severe pain allows me to still function.

  8. A LIE that taking opioids will lead to heroin use. I used PRESCRIBED opiates for 16 years and never used heroin/ never used as much as was prescribed for me but was removed from them and now in severe pain. Cannabis helps pain but can't shut the brain off/ cannot sleep/ STILL no relief.

  9. I've been on opiates for the passed two years, as well as anti inflammatory, muscle relaxers, etc etc. And its been a struggle. I am trying to get a state medical cannabis card but even now its pretty difficult with how Dr.Office works tip toeing around the subject. because they look down on cannabis. For that reason I will not inform them until I have already gotten and began with my medical use of cannabis. But I fear when i start using cannabis they will immediately stop my prescription of opiates leaving me with withdrawal having not properly weaned fully off. but maybe thats the price I have to pay in order to have this amazing plant help heal me. or at least ease my pain far more than any of these dozens of pills ive been on over the passed two years.

  10. I did this. Talked to my doctor and she started weaning me off tramadol and Norco. Titrated myself to the proper dose and all the withdrawal symptoms were negligible. No joke. On/off opiates for 20+ years. Won't do that again. Capt. John

  11. Pretty emotional about this as I am in this exact predicament right now where I have legitimate and legal access to opioids due to severe pain but I am held prisoner by them. I’ve recently moved back to Colorado and I am weaning myself off with medical marijuana.

  12. this is all well and good but there is one issue here not being looked at. cannabis doesn't help me with pain at all and i know there are other people who have no luck with cannabis as a pain treatment. what is somebody like me supposed to do when i need some kind of painkiller? we need these opiates, we just need to stop handing them out like candy like they have been.

  13. The government does not care about people this is the only obstetrical that stands in the way of the truth and action to make it right like nature intended…

  14. What has happened to the Weedmaps channel?? It's like you guys are too stoned to realize any kind of vision. Smoke more weed and less dabs and maybe you will come to your senses. Natural is better.

  15. The FDA is ran by Monsanto and his supporters and Monsanto is the guy responsible for cancer causing GMO’s and RoundUp!!! So it makes sense why they’d want to try to keep it banned!!! We need to ban Monsanto!!! Free the weed!!! Mass med patient represent!!!

  16. I am finally starting to get my life back after 18 years of being on every kind of and all strengths of pain meds. Cannabis has already decreased my level of pain and also the dosage of prescription drugs that I take daily to be able to function in somewhat of a normal compacity.

  17. no dislikes , sounds about right, so what in the actual fuck is going on …… why is this not changed yet.. give it 20 years tops for the rest of the clowns to die off old fuckers

  18. When she said doing OC is the exact same thing as doing heroin, that can’t be true, I know the active opiate in oxy has the same effects as heroin but you can’t honestly say a pill where you know exactly what is in it, is the same amount of dangerous as a random street substance, that could have anything in it

  19. So proud of my Brother Dr. Robert Milanes M.D. from Holistic on Call. You are going to do big things! This is just the beginning of the journey my man. Keep that hustle going! Thank you Weedmaps for making this documentary. The opioid crisis has damaged and taken away too many lives. I know it is unrealistic to end it completely, but Cannabis has so many medical benfits that could be used to heal people physically and mentally. We have seen too much damage in our community’s with that addiction. Share this video to open the public’s eyes to benefits of medical cannabis.

  20. I have suffered from chronic pain from a work injury in the year 2009. I have been taking pain meds ever sense then and I would rather use cannabis but I live in a prohibition state. I would love to be a test patient for converting from opiods to cannabis but I live in a prohibition state. I am begging anyone out there to help me move to a legal state.

  21. Drugs like heroin carry demons with them. It's not a coincidence that peoples bodies go through these strong withdrawals because the demons are leaving your body. But we have science today to give it a fancy name called withdrawal. No it's demonic it will torment your life and when it leaves you it does everything he can to stay within you.

  22. I am a 33y/o single woman in MI & have been fighting severe chronic pain since childhood, and a dozen worsening illnesses since then, with stress-induced terminal heart failure, having suffered 8 failed back surgeries & 2 near-death incidences since age 27 of heart failure, kidney failure, and multiple PEs. I have spent my whole teen & young adult life going thru every painkiller on the market half a dozen times over, and being treated like a junkie everywhere I went because of my rarely progressed condition at such a young age. I know what addiction is (like I was when I took OXY for 3 yrs), pseudoaddiction (reliance on other painkillers just to function), and after my kidney failure, I went off painkillers to only medical cannabis for several years, but with my MS, Fibro, Endo, Trigeminal Neuralgia, severe nerve pain from my damaged entire lower back, the MMJ doesn't control enough of the pain for me to be functional enough to leave my apt, I can barely take care of myself. Living on what the govt thinks people born disabled in this country can survive on, I have about $400/mo left after I pay for the bare minimum amount of MMJ & the few other Rx & OTC meds I need just to stay out of the ICU. I have no friends or family support at this point, and I've spent several years trying for 60+ hrs a week to sell anything I own just to try & get groceries or put towards my basic living costs I can't fully pay without some additional income, which just recently dried up. For 10 years, the only thing keeping me from getting to experience any life at all, or be able to move to a legal cannabis state where I can afford the plant I need to LIVE, is a running vehicle of any kind, which I've been fighting & begging for, only to see my family help out other healthy, well off family get vehicles, while I have remained the ONLY ONE in my 100+ members extended family who has never had a chance in hell at any vehicle! I have been suicidal on a daily basis, trapped in a toxic MI HUD prison cell, for the crime of being born with every genetic illness in my extended family, and being useless (or more like never given a chance to be useful) & a waste of resources, and if I don't get my one chance to GTFO of this whitewashed, Trump-supporting, Republitard town & my hypocritical, homophobic, racist, gun-obsessed, rapture-obsessed religious nutjob family, I feel like I'm exploding from pent-up anger, resentment, and anxiety every day! 💔💔💔😫😫😫

  23. This program is wrong information, when detoxing and withdrawal from opioids no way cannabis relieves these symptoms! Weedmaps and the cannabis industr is all about $$$

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