Red Gone Green: Conservative States That Are Legalizing Marijuana | MERRY JANE News

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  1. Though, of course these Republicans who voted Trump AND to legalize didn't take into consideration that Jeff Sessions has a very explicitly-stated agenda to reinvigorate the war on drugs . . . whoopsies. It's almost as if Trump was able to emotionally manipulate his voter base into voting for him when through vague assurances when he might not have necessarily had their best interests in mind . . .

    Also cocaine comes from a plant too. So does opium and subsequently all opiates. That argument does cannabis no favors.

    Also it doesn't matter who or what party is in office. They are ALL lobbied and influenced by big business ("Big Pharma" included, whether you want to believe it or not). Plus I find it hard (if not laughable) to believe that Trump, who is of "the 1%" could possibly have the best interests of the lower classes at heart. It's never happened before when we've elected a member of the wealthy class into power, liberal or conservative. Why wouldn't someone that wealthy NOT cooperate with other wealthy people to keep each other wealthy? That's how it's always been. Neither Hillary or Trump would have been willing to fix this. Inequality equals power, and who better to continue this than those two parties that have held exclusive power over the US for many decades?

  2. everyone is still being put in a cage for weed them legalizing this means there going to tax it wake up everyone your life is being stolen by the laws restrictions and cages you literally pay to breath

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