1. I still buy gorilla glue all the time, if they think they can sue close to 10k people all across the world. be my guest. in the meantime we will call it GORILLA GLUE AND GIRL SCOUT COOKIES.

  2. Being in an illegal state, we usually have no clue what we're smoking, strain wise, that is. Whenever I hear someone has Girl Scout Cookies, I jump on it. It is by far my favorite. I totally love the taste and the quality of the high. Thanks for the review and the new camera and backdrop look good.

  3. my opinion about the lens is that it's not focusing on you (the center) i m watching actually from my computer trough my 4ktv screen in 1080p with the hdmi port

  4. 6:08 🌟 JJ, Don't brush off your ash when it falls on you (Rubs Into Your Fibers and Pigment on Skin) Blow It Off!!!! ITLL SAVE THE BURDEN 💓 LikeSpike 🤗 Thanks Everyone 💓 Good times ahead!!!!

  5. another great review! On a side note.. I have been smoking flower/dabs for many many years.. I have really try to find the cookies, candy, fruit, cheese, and other "flavors".. But weed all just smells like weed to me. I get the diesel/fuel undertones in smell as well as that back throat nasal taste/smell. LOL, I love it but I wish I can dig down deep and enjoy those profiles. Keep up the great content and good luck in 2018 growing in social media and doing well in life altogether. Cheers!

  6. Getting there! JJ you look a bit blurry compared to your background. I am supposedly watching on 1080p but not getting the quality at all. Sound is great. Love the cute snowman bong. Very festive! 😍

  7. Hey JJ, the backdrop is crystal clear with the new camera, and the colors are bright. It seems like you are a little blurry and when you hold something closer to the camera it is blurred. Your real close to perfect. As for content, Its great as always, and the music is subtle but a nice touch. Looking forward to a new year with you and the gang. Peace Almost forgot, the sound is better with this set up to.

  8. Thanks for the review and the lens are looking great. I dont know shit abut camera's or lens lol so can only comment on the vid clarity and sound from a video/audio challenged dude lol.

  9. The music is a good level I think I background the fact that it doesn’t look flat on the right side bugs me a little but you asked for feedback 🙂 keep it up good quality

  10. Nice Bruce Lee shirt. I grew up idolizing Bruce ..the sound quality is better for sure and the camera gives a softer tone the the picture. The pineapple exspress makes me feel like fooling around with my partner so to speak so maybe The GSC is the strain for me.

  11. I know it's a pain, but maybe some "field trip" vids around Seattle area would be nice. Or at least little clips here and there.

  12. Hi JJ, You are almost there with the new setup 🙂 You are focused on the back drop. You need to increase your depth of field. So go with a smaller apeture and up the iso if you need, although your light should be sufficient. Keep up the awesome work. Loving all the content and Happy new year 🙂

  13. You know what pisses me off JJ the most is that you know I'm down here in the bay area as I always say and the person that made Girl Scout cookies is from San Francisco isn't it funny that the Girl Scout cookie troops ask for a donation but how funny is it that they want to sue right around the same time gorilla glue did the same thing

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