When Marijuana Stocks Will Crash

Pot and Cannabis Penny Stocks May Be About to Break Down Subscribe: Anything and everything to do with marijuana stocks, and the entire pot industry, has been hot lately….


  1. I made 420% profit before getting out, I got out cause I start to read people on Facebook about it, that was the red flag there. My friend was at 600% and still in now down to 480% i hope it still go down so he can learn Something… he is still too cocky and think he beat the market.

  2. The key is wether or not federal legalization happens in a timely manner and interstate comerce is established. Once the gates open oregon will become the major supplier of production for most of th US. Oregon is already established in production both both indoor facilities and outdoor farms in the southern coast ranges where perfect climatic conditions exist with plenty of clean fresh water to keep costs low. 80% of oregons electrical generation is from hydro electric and wind which keeps the indoor production costs lower than most other states and creates a decent tax rightoff by utilising renewable energy deductions. Oregon also has the freest market when it comes to licensing. As it stands the agency in control of regulation is not capping the # of licenses for any of the marijuana industry so its creating a competitive production industry. This is creating a healthy drop in price and better product as the economy matures. When the rest of the country opens the door its going to be Oregon with the capability to provide the production at the lowest price. So if the feds look like there ready to cash in and do there damn job of regulating interstate comerce I would bet on oregon based production and diistribution .

  3. When marijuana becomes recreationally legal in a few months time these stocks are going to go off again. Also, considering weed is a mind altering drug that makes you feel happy it might be safe to say these stocks will be recession proof just like alcohol.

  4. None of my invested marijuana stocks made any money in fact they go from pennies to subpennies to eventually delisted. You can't even sell the thing after a certain period of time because of the low price. It's all pump and dump trash

  5. invest in industrial HEMP infrastructure if we can only Get Americans to work again! I know, Mexicans will probably do all the work but still a guy can imagine right? anyway, investing in prohibition priced cannabis will not last… more states cannabis is legal and OK to that state and costs instantly go down in each state and black market bleed over only lasts as long as people see the plant as illegal… so that goes back into industry and infrastructure and hemp

  6. Timing is everything and I can tell you there's been a lot of money made in marijuana stocks over the last year. I personally bought lots of shares before the boom took place and, here in Canada, it's not over. Granted, price is very inflated and reality will come home to those who don't get out while it's all still rumour but the momentum is presently to the upside. Never forget that mob mentality is a significant force in the market. Right now, the mob is working up into a froth.

    By the way, it's too bad that Constellation Brands didn't see your video here, Peter, before they sunk $245 M into Canopy Growth back at the end of October. If you actually knew what is going on, you could have advised us all to buy in at the time of this video posting and then sell off, take the profit and go buy something big. The truth is you don't know and I don't know. It's a guessing game but it can be a very profitable one if you time it right.

    And then there are our friends, over at Motley Fool, who were in total agreement with you as cannabis stocks began to show runaway growth, risky, risky, risky – much too risky but now they're singing a whole new tune. Now it's up, up and away…all the way to the moon. If I'd listened to them, I would have bailed out while my shares in Canopy Growth were only worth $3 a share for all the fearmongering.

    I recognize that when you say you are wrong 100% of the time you are being facetious, and personally, I think you are right that there is a big risk here but let's tell more of the story; the greatest the risk the greater the potential for big profit.The truth is that it is a risky investment and no one knows exactly where it's going. Some people are going to make a lot of money and some are going to lose a lot. If you like making a lot of money quickly, then you're looking for volatility and there is no better place right now to plant your money than in marijuana. But you can lose it just as quickly. It's your game to play.

    If you''re in the stock market, hopefully, you have already heard that you should never venture what you couldn't afford to lose, because that may just be what happens! The stock market is a risky venture at any time, but, there is lot's of money to be made if you know how to play your cards…and if you don't, set up a practice account and work with that instead – but don't get overly confident if you make some money because you will do things with play money you will never do with real money.

    Remember – it's easy to make money in the stock market; it's hard to keep it! And this too – bulls make money and bears make money and pigs get slaughtered! Beware!

    If you can stomach the volatility, marijuana stocks are offering an opportunity to make a truckload of money right now…nd they're also a place where you can lose your shirt – pay attention, make money and don't forget to take your money off the table while you still like what you see!

  7. You'd have to be an idiot to invest in cannabis co's based in the US (or have significant ties to the US) where marijuana continues to be classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act. As you mention, there are companies in Canada worth considering and growth does not hinge entirely on recreational, although if recreational does go through, the growth potential is enormous. A handful of companies are positioned for the increase in demand. The space may be overcrowded, but with some due diligence and maybe a bit of good fortune, you can pick the right companies. For many investors, the risk is justified. I wonder if, when Jeff Bezos was selling books out of his garage, anyone envisioned Amazon becoming a 571 billion dollar company? I'm sure there were plenty of guys like you that would have been happy to tell him he'd never make it. Finally, the Sirius-XM merger is a crummy analogy…anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows radio as a viable entertainment medium has been dead for at least 20 years.

  8. I feel like alot of people these days think they know more than they actually do. Based on Peter's success and past bubbles we should at least listen to him and do more research ourselves. On a side note I'm doing short term trades on Marijuana stocks( Canopy Growth and Aphria) to make a quick buck.

  9. Totally agree with everything here. People need to learn in depth fundamentals and how to assess company financial statements before blindly buying into companies just because they are marijuana or biotech or whatever. A bad company is a bad company ('til the day they die…) *god I hope at least one person gets that reference, I was very proud of it, lol*…. and no industry mania will save them from imploding on themselves. Don't buy into hype for hype's sake… if you can honestly assess that the company itself isn't a dumpster fire and has amazing fundamentals and financials, THEN buy into it.

  10. Peter, time and time you were wrong. Last time in 2016, I guess you said I am wrong on Marijuana stocks. But before the boom you made marijuana industry look bad. I have not seen you talking about marijuana green rush all this time. You all of sudden you seems to desperate.

  11. Peter you are correct in general. Of course exceptions exist but so many Marijuana companies are no more than an idea for gathering and organizing a bunch of other start-ups all for which issue millions and millions of shares that will never go anywhere. For that reason it is best to let the dust settle before venturing into these conditions if you don't know how to tell a good company from a bad.
    With that said, another reason that the whole Marijuana penny stock market cold be devastated is a general downturn in the overall market. That's because the pink or dark stocks are usually a traders gambling or mad money holdings and when the casino is closing everyone gathers whatever cash they can grabe. Ask your audience, whatever the industry or it infancy, when that happens do you want to own an idea or a working, running, profitable operation? .
    You do a great job. Keep up the good work. Get some rest.

  12. Hey Peter,… in hindsight when was approx right time to get into marijuana stocks? Did you successfully profit from it? I am assuming right now is selling time (overpriced territory). 2013?… I think that data is much easier to understand for most people.. This is what I tell myself.

  13. The only problem with this video is that the back left plant is not weed. :)…

    Innocent query/worry:
    If marijuana stock crash somehow blooms into the blackswan trigger for next recession, then will future historians/news/etc report it that way?… It will be some funny news…. something like: "when stoners caused a recession" 😛

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