Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Reasons for Quitting Weed

Miley Cyrus explains why Jimmy is partly responsible for her giving up smoking weed and why she’s convinced Adam Levine is ready to double-cross Blake Shelton on The Voice. Subscribe NOW to…


  1. when she smoked i feel like she was like that one freshman that just started smoking and is extra hyped to tell everyone about how much she smokes and acts more high than she really is

  2. she is not the only one , as soon as it got legal many people realized that the weed crowd is pretty lame , it was alright when you did it with your friends buying it from some local dealer , but now when ever fucking turd is puffing a cloud out of their car window making the traffic even slower than ever you realize that making it legal was the worst thing ever, now the cowards who had no guts getting involved are using too , good fucking job law makers , you wanted that money and you could not care less how it will affect our daily life , every serving place, like a car wash or a burger joint ,is full with high as fuck little retards slowing down everything , I am paying for the service because I want to be high and not do shit, i do not want to wait a fucking 17 minutes to get my burger , legal or not , bring back cannabis testing and fire all of these fucks who smoke weed , smoking weed is a privilege of those who can afford that lifestyle , not for every poor fuck who works for minimal wage at the cashier of Ralph`s

  3. She sounds like a 50 year old woman who smokes 2 packs a day 😂 plus….she is high as a kite on something…maybe she quit weed but she still doin somethin' 😂

  4. I definitely think smoking so much marijuana changed her voice. It’s deeper and raspier than it was a few years ago. Then again her voice could have just gotten deeper with age (which does happen). But at least she still has her singing voice and she’s clearly happy with where she is, so good for her.

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