How to dense up cannabis buds. Canna-vlog 013

This week we look at how to dense up cannabis buds. Super cropping for canopy management, dealing with high ppms, where to buy cannabis seeds and the …


  1. Supreme Seeds- very tiny, some didn't open, one was cracked, another was white that were infertile, otherwise 1 male and the 4 female plants that grew were very weak but growing. Bag seed grew much better. Very expensive for what came out. If you try them the tiny bags are handwritten, difficult to read & wipe off so you should transfer to another container/label it.

  2. Hi I just want to let you know that I'm also a brother in Christ. I respect the fact that you have no hold-backs when it comes 2 letting people no you are a God-fearing brother in Christ by your actions and the fruits of your nature. You are indeed the blessed and filled by the Holy Ghost. God gave us all seed-bearing fruits and herbs for our using and our likening

  3. 10:55 A fellow brother in Christ. You just earned my subscription in one video!! I also like that mustache and goatee; it looks great bud. And I'm having a fantastic week my friend. Thank you!

  4. Buy them at wietzaadjes piont nl … Hundreds and hunderds of SUPER feminized auto's or normal ones every strain you want they have ! AWESOME 100 precent germination.. when you have a problem they send FREE new ones ;)) For us no other any more !

  5. Sir, one quick question please. I live in thailand and currently growing 1 plant from TH seeds critical hog indoor in a dwc system. My tent is 2*2*4 with Mars hydro reflector 48. All i could come up with is advance nutrients micro, grow , bloom and molasses as food (it is so hard or almost impossible to find variety of nutrients used by youtube growers ) so my question is there any chance for me to get good quality and quantity out of the current plant ?
    Thank you Sir.

  6. Hey man your videos inspire me I too am from Chicago. And I too have suffered a bad back injury L5 to be exact. Do you have a contact email? Just trying to each out about how you started your journey and how to go about it.

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