California Marijuana legal 2018, price update for medical marijuana users

In this video I compare the 2017 medical marijuana prices versus the new legal marijuana prices in the state of California in 2018.


  1. It fully depends on the Weed store or club you are purchasing the marijuana from. In this case the old medical club I was buying my medicine from is not honoring there medical commitment anymore and decided the open market is the way to go. So it is up the said club as how they would like to deal with this on their end. The other club or pot store I went to still has a discount for medical users but you get taxed 10% instead of 20% of whatever the last club taxed me at. Their weed prices where way higher though so in the end it was about the same so YES weed did go up for medical users.

  2. I go to Berkeley patient group. their prices freaking insane man. once over there use to go for 120 now their going for 180 with taxes! Something has to be done! Im a patient myself, Some of us cannot afford this new price ranges!

  3. Just so happy that I do not smoke anything anymore since like 3 years. was smoking weed for about 15 years, was living next to the netherlands 15 min with the car. it just costs 2 much nowadays

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