California Cannabis: War On Drugs Reparations | Direct From With Dena Takruri – AJ+

For decades, the war on drugs has unfairly locked up a disproportionate number of black people in California. Now that recreational weed is legal, the city of …


  1. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of!!! Literally giving millions each to convicts!!! I would slap the shit out of any moron that tried to tell me that was somehow fair. RACISTS

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  3. I like your video's, Dena !!!
    I wish you would go do an interview with some black Israelites…and then go to thier video n look at the comments.
    You need to WARN PEOPLE about what these people are saying.
    Death to White America.
    They want Sweeties like you, in concubine chains around your neck and to whip the skin off your childrens backs.
    Go ask em…they are ALL OVER your area.
    Be afraid !!!

  4. As jopimp14 stated, it's still illegal under the Feds. It seems to me that they're putting the cart before the horse. Weed was made illegal from racist propaganda. (So we have been told) I think it's much more sinister than that. They do not want this legal for commercial reasons. It would drive major industries out of business. Rope, clothes, food, paper, textiles, plastics, insulation and biofuel could all be made from Hemp. Since it's a plant how would they patent their products? This issue is much bigger than people smoking and/or eating marijuana.

  5. Hmmm i like weed but what you seem to be saying is that legalizing some crimes means less black people end up in jail? Why not legalize rape and murder, problem solved right?

  6. Cmooooon that was some straight bro math statistics on the “unfairly targeted” section. This a great program and story. There’s no need for the rhetoric reporting. Your followers are capable of tracking a genuine story.

  7. Great video, Dena. These are the kind of programs so many communities desperately need. I hope legalization and these sorts of programs spread throughout the country. As a man of color living in a state where I can legally use cannabis, it's one less thing I have to worry about.

  8. Wow, I didn't know programs like this existed. I'm all for it, it'll help legitimize the cannabis industry more quickly by training professionals, and it gives opportunities to victims of the drug war, partially righting past wrongs. Are there programs like this in the Pacific Northwest, where recreational cannabis has been legal longer?

    Also, is it sketchy to be filmed handling cannabis, which is illegal at the federal level?

  9. More Dena please! Loved this video because it's a topic I really care about(cannabis reform, the failed, racist, war on drugs) That and I'm a fan of Dena. (:

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