1. Sad for Ron Allen to spew so much misinformation. The opposite is true. If people can't grow or buy Cannabis, they are forced to associate with possibly ruthless people with no transparency, or they go to alcohol, dangerous imitations, or any drug available to them.

    Domestic Cannabis growers show their grow rooms and often even lab results, and provide great detail about their methods and product. Organics and no-till are gaining considerable support from both growers and consumers. The trend Allen and Fox are supporting is far more destructive than a natural medicine and wonderfully useful plant. The prohibitionists are in the process of censoring it, but the Cannabis industry in North America is extremely open about genetics and methods of production. But Ron Allen would deny us of that choice.

  2. Fox News has gotten soooo bad at making arguments against weed that they have now resorted to bringing on "victims" of weed to try jog public opinion against it. Well sorry to say FOX but it will not work. How about you bring actual victims of alcohol on the show and argue for prohibition, or maybe you can find the many victims of legal and over-prescribed opiodes and argue to ban pills? No of course you won't because it doesn't fit your agenda and let me be clear, your agenda is out of touch with so many modern republicans. Legalization of weed is pretty much agreed by most Republicans and Democrats.

  3. I love how Fox News always calls it a drug. I know a person who was addicted to drugs, that was about a decade a go..now this person manages a dispensary. I don't know where this pastor gets his information, he seems angry. 😂😂😂

  4. Bishop Ron Allen needs to practice what he preaches for 1: It's "the love of money is the root of all evil" not "money is the root of all evil" & 2: Genesis 1;29-31 – "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth.…To you it will be… And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. God said it was good, god said anything earth bearing seed is good for man therefore if the Government wants to go by the book since this country was founded on Christianity Marijuana should be legal nationwide because it comes from seed therefore Bishiop Ron Allen has no clue what he's talking about.

  5. We don't need legalization we need decriminalization. Every state already has tax stamps they just don't issue them. This bishop is full of crap. He will face karma.

  6. at 3rd street baptize church we call this a little sin sin well between the eastern and western we call this a little twin twin niggga well give me some for my cataracs you didn't put in on this maneeee everything he heard has been proven wrong 2018 lil biaaaa

  7. Actually Bishop what the Bible ACTUALLY says is that the WORSHIP of money is the root of all evil NOT MONEY ITSELF!!!!
    But then I see that your knowledge of marijuana is just as faulty as your knowledge of the Bible is.

  8. Bishop Ron knows that sin and temptation have entered into the world his statements trying to block it out entirely and prohibit mans nature go against the word of god. God does teach us the dangers of indulging. Marijuana may lead to addiction trials and suffering through this you may find something far more transforming and that is the holy scripture. God cares for us he has given us every seed bearing plant Including cannabis. I am personally a fan of gods work, not going to judge someone for reaping the benefits.

  9. Face the facts people. The economy needs a revival. I don’t feel comfortable knowing that my tax paying dollars are going towards the incarceration of people who want to smoke marijuana and mellow out. The prohibition is a failed policy and a poor use of resources. Our nation used to be at the forefront of civil liberties, now our government goes after civilians who find peace through the use of a plant? Pathetic

  10. gateway drug? thats the argument still ???? even after hundreds of studies done on this which mostly disproved it thats the argument? jesus christ you dont do higher drugs because of marijuana thats like saying vitamin pills make you addicted to opioids

  11. "After a while 5 joints wont get you high, then 10 joints wont get you high…"

    Ive been smoking weed for 13 years. Half a joint still gets me high af haha

    Fox news doing what it does best

  12. "people are killing people, losing their minds, ruining mental health"
    "you build a tolerance to weed and then you start mixing it with crack cocaine and PCP"
    LMAO reefer madness all over again.
    I started on cigarettes and alcohol, then cocaine, then opiates, but after 20 years of doing these, I stopped by using cannabis and now I work full time, I have my own apartment, and my mental health is brilliant.

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