Wait… Did Trump just legalize weed?

It seems like the US is going ahead with the legalization of weed. Trump might go down in history as the president that did it. Well… maybe…… You can support …


  1. What is the difference btwn being pulled over in your car by cops when your high on weed, from being drunk? There isn't any difference. Treat it with the same laws and legal limits

  2. i live in oklahoma and i support medical and recreational cannabis to cure the side effects of other drugs like invega risperdol haldol prolixen clozapine zyprexa and other drugs….

  3. Marijuana is not a DRUG! People need to get that through their heads !!!!!!! going back to biblical times it was used not only to make clothes,ropes,paper, and boats but was also used medcinanally as well. it is in the bible,the native American also used marijuana for the same.because of anignorant polition in the 1940's to get votes told supporters it caused young children to go insane ?give me a break !!!!!.I know absolutely noone who massaqured or went nuts from using pot. or get into a car wreck or speed I am 62 years old and have been using since I was 18.I would rather my children to grow up using marijuana thanks room drink alcohol !!!!! Wake up AMERICA AND SMELL THE canniibus setiva.God put it hear for us to use. keep the greedy government out of it and we will perservere !!God Bless America everyone let help make it great again

  4. the problem isn't with the marijuana being bad. it all has to do with the owners of the timber lands. many wealthy timber people stand to loose a LOT of money. that's why back in the late fifties the movie refer madness was produced. it was propaganda. okay maybe it was in the sixties, but the point is the same.

  5. Everyone is gonna go to jail for driving High.Who knowes anymore I know more money when your busted for driving High.Ive seen alot of people drive high smoke in their cars chig chig chong up in somke.

  6. i love cannabis, and drug channels. However, i HATE any channel that is blatantly click baiting like this.. smh… unsubbed cus of click bait. good job buddy.

  7. Since 2016 there's then alot of talk in ireland about drugs with the decriminalisation of drugs being brought up a few times aswell as legalising weed for medical use and now last month the green party are making a report to present to the government about setting up coffeeshops in ireland. The report will include what the police think of having coffeeshops set up and the pro's and cons etc. No progess has been made since 2016, its all been talks but at least it's talks that are going in the right direction

  8. The federal government is just as slow in America. There should be a law of physics dedicated to it… Sort of like the energy requirement to reach the speed of light. The more people want something, the slower it gets done.

  9. Canada is largely the same as the coffee shop thing in NL, we have illegal dispensaries nobody cares about and we can order mail order weed online. People ship pounds across the country with the postal service like it’s nothing, because, well.. it is nothing.

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