Top 10 Strongest Strains of 2017

Thanks for making this list so I can make this video! Great strains and I’m definitely going to be looking out for these strains! This is their top 10 strongest strains of 2017 and…


  1. Some use over exaggerated thc numbers don’t base everything just on thc levels. I’ve smoked wack moonrocks ! And those are dipped in hash and kief point is THC alone doesn’t matter it could be boo boo thc

  2. greetings, I remember in the 70's when we threw seeds outside and smoked weed and there wasn't all the resin and brown, sticky substance. It wasn't there. Is it because the growers, today, are adding pesticides and growth solutions? I remember seeing all the bottles and jars being sold to growers, in the front of one shop. They've moved that since. Growers are not growing marijuana naturally, would say?



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  4. Down here in africa, we just throw a couple of seeds in the garden and voila…, just stopped wrighting to get a nice puff…, stoned as a bat ( would, if they did…)😂😂😂😂😊😊

  5. Thanks for the info. I'm sitting here with a bag of girl scout cookies and some trainwreck and I've got another bag set to the side cuz I like it but don't know what the GG stands for. Gorilla glue! Thanks

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  7. The Asians I went to school with were all really smart, what happened today in America when even the Asians are stoned, and cussing, OMG, why cuss, and WHY make a video showing your face, did you know your future employers can and will check all your Internet content, also, it's not like your eyes can get much smaller.
    Do your parents know what you do?

  8. These were my favorites in Oregon for 2017 for PTSD ( Many same as your list )
    I was growing Rainbow Hybrid ( From Wild West Growers) (4)plants 5 foot tall x 5 foot wide ( 1 month from harvest) when destroyed by lunatic manager's son where I live. I had started my channel here to document the grow.
    I subscribed here Simplistick, please check out my vids, I am a newbie to YouTube and could use your advise. Dave Adam

  9. I've smoked many strains of cannabis over 30% thc. Of course it's always better and more expensive for quality shit. Your on point with your info thou dude. Grow Your Own, it's so easy to produce free meds. Give it a try. Then try growing shrooms

  10. If u havent tried it WTF weed is weed,Im so sick of all these names and decriptions like its fucking wine n shit,what happened to just smoking? You snobs took over and made it into a talent show,it just supposed to be about getting high and stayin mellow.

  11. Did you seriously put people down for not being as cannabis privileged as you are?! Really?! What a punk ass thing to say. For the record, Girl Scout Cookies ‘ain’t all that’. I should know, I’ve been enjoying cannabis for enough years to know better than to slam others less privileged than I am 🙄

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