This is why I grow my own weed

I picked up an oz of Bio Legend, supposedly 21% thc, just so I could press it for you guys. I was so disappointed with it I called the delivery service and had them …


  1. I guess you don't remember mersh or downtown brown which used to go for around 80 bucks for an oz 15 years ago. I guess this is the product of supply and demand. I would be happy with that zip all day

  2. You got what you paid for there bud. You can't always hit the frosty lottery at 100 a zip. I'm right there with ya I just bought all my growing supplies and starting a new indoor and outdoor grow to see which is better for me.

  3. Whats up youtube i just bought the cheapest weed i could find for a really good price and going to compare it to my own grown weed that I have a biased opinion about(granted sure it's probably better) but I'm gonna sit here and be a hater towards someone's hard work….Cuz I'm cool like that….and my weeds better than everyone else's……OH YEAH!!! And my rosin isn't dark bro Its only cuz there's like 30grams here……I have a huge ego so that tells me u haven't ever seen large quantities of extracts before so I'm better than u lmao…..when u compare diamonds to turns of course one is going to look better than the other…..and just becuz one is better than th3 other other doesn't justify this video bro…..get humble man damn……I used to enjoy watching ur videos but I think I may be in subscribing after continuing to be fed this egotistical dick measuring bullshit content……I genuinely say this as constructive criticism man because honestly I used to really enjoy ur vids but lately it's just been look at how cool am I becuz everyone else's stuff is garbage….Cuz it's not mine….even though its fine……it's garbage….cuz it's not gangster……like mine….. Cuz I'm the shit…..and I'm so cool……and ur not cool…..Cuz u can't grow….and I'm better than u…..and ur not as good as me…..Cuz mine is better………………..gets annoying right lol

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