The Black Market For Pot Is Still Thriving In California (HBO)

Recreational marijuana became legal in California in January. But for small-scale veteran growers like Jason Fleming, licensing backlog may shut his business …


  1. PLZ REPLY!!!! What if you bought pot recreationally one time and still purchased a handgun or a rifle? I bought it once and I just turned 21 on may 20th and I have passed my HSC  yet a few days later on the 22nd I remembered that weed was legalized and realized I can try weed( because I don't drink) and now im wondering it what I did is going to stop me from buying a gun because people told me that if you use pot you will be denied a firearm but i have no record or anything and waited till i was 21. Can someone inform me on this because I put a minimum down payment for a glock 19 yet I haven't completed the background check for it at my local turners because they ran out and were shipping some in and so I couldn't complete the background check. I  haven't bought a firearm and I bought oatmeal cookies and had cannabis cookies because I wouldn't want to smoke it. Someone inform me!!!! p.s. from california

  2. The taxes are so high, and the clinics are overpriced. There is one clinic I know of in the Valley that offers fair prices. The rest are shit. So ya, Black Markets will continue.

  3. The one who revolutionized the black market was Escobar. You can order cocaine and it will arrive in the form of plastic pellets, completely untraceable. There is a video on youtube, I think he spent $150 million researching how to mix cocaine with plastic and the extraction process. You've got to have knowledge in chemistry to extract the cocaine in plastic. If you are really good, the maximum purity you will lose is 10%, so a 90% extracted cocaine is still very good. The black market is fun lol

  4. Anyone who wants a nutshell version of what happened in California here it is:

    From around 2012 – 2017, during this 5 year period the cannabis black market in California had really lost a lot of its strength and was essentially dying out. Now it was still fairly strong at this time but nothing like how it was 5 years or 10 years before, especially post 2014. By 2017 and in the several preceding years "medical marijuana" had basically taken over most of the market. The pull was that it was the same price but the quality itself was better or the same and the service and system was much more appealing so naturally people flocked to medical mainly for its consistency, reliability, quality and organization. The fact that it couldn't be taxed was another great thing. Well when it became fully legally regulated (2018), no one really thought it was going to happen but somehow both medical and recreational weed became kind of the same thing and now the lines between medical and recreational weed have become blurred. I mean technically they're still "legally" different and I'm sure there's still some dispensaries that only sell to medical patients with a card and therefore don't get taxed but most "medical" dispensaries from what I have seen have also taken on selling recreational weed as well and thus start getting taxed so all these medical weed shops just turned automatically into recreational taxed weed shops for anyone over 21 which people were not anticipating.

    Everyone thought that the recreational taxed weed would just be for like rich people and tourists and that we (the locals) would still keep our cheap (untaxed) medical weed scene but that seems to have vanished. Or at least almost completely vanished. The other wildly unpredicted thing that happened that has changed the whole game is exactly what was talked about in this video; cannabis events and "seshes". These events have completely amped up and intensified the black market in my area. I don't know the details of how it all works but all I know is that people are getting high quality weed for extremely cheap from these places and are selling them on the street. People I knew who were just dealing in quarters and half ounces are now dealing in pounds. And they're not just moving weed they're selling oil, hash, edibles, etc. and on a street level and ALL for cheap. Cheaper than I've seen it in years. Weed right now in CA is cheaper, better or same quality and more accessible and it's all because of the black market being fueled by these weed events. So this combining of "medical" and "recreational" cannabis as well as the intensifying of the black market has really caused the whole weed market in California to do a complete 180. Who knows how long this will last though. All I know is that right now, in nearly mid 2018 it is probably the best time economically to be a user of cannabis. However there are lots of people being hurt by this and black market crime will inevitably rise and law enforcement and government officials will take notice. So I don't expect this flourishing in the market to last forever I just wonder what the next step will be.

  5. The price of a pound of weed should be equivalent to a pound of tobacco. It’s everywhere and inflation should make the price go down. Once it’s legal in all 50 states I expect the price to drop dramatically.

  6. United States better free up the plant .Man turned gods ground into a market we should be ashamed of ourselves make this plant legal or I will go down there personally to the White House and break the windows out i’m just saying people should be able to grow the plant themselves we need to start attacking our government and cops because they will rip us off forever I work 10 hours a day and can’t even sleep in my own home I live in my parents home at 26 years old it’s not my fault millionaires are greedy I can do more than what they do

  7. They say small growers getting screwed? Lol maybe if your weed was top shelf it will always sell. You got elite cuts and proper resin you will survive. There is 40 states that don’t have legal weed you can ship too also. If you can’t survive in the BM than you probably don’t know what your doing or you sell shit to begin with .

  8. Even though it became fully legal here starting this year if you don't have your medical card and you'd like to purchase from dispensaries you'll have to pay 50% increased tax rate. So its obvious why street dealers will still be around. Why pay more when you can pay less for the same shit

  9. Taxes in Los Angeles County are 35% for recreational and 30-40 an eighth for good quality cannabis it’s ridiculous why would someone buy from a dispensary when they can get same quality and double the amount for less off the street? CA needs to lower taxes if they want to see income

  10. The Obvious.

    The Way The Sun Rays Thru The Clouds Touch Earth Proves.

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  11. The law makers are responsible. Big money is responsible. If capitalism is still in the free market he should be allowed without jumping through hoops that eventually bring his business down. This was planned for big money to take over.

  12. …this isn't by accident. Gov aways regulates the little guys away, once the market becomes profitable for well connected groups with lobbyists and campaign contributions. Business as usual.

  13. what a surprise California has a back log and a massively confusing taxes and business chokers. They cant do anything right at all. Its a shame because they are hurting these people.

  14. I'm glad the people on this page felt the same as I did at first glimpse. Only giving that tribe 100 dollars is the problem with money. You could've changed that area lively hood. Yet they try to cheat them.

  15. I find it ironic liberals are now upset about regulations…us libertarians have always preached that excessive regulations insulated the big corporations from small guy competition.

  16. I think vice missed an important angle in that many counties and cities banned the sales and growing, then the only market in those situations is black market.

  17. Thank you for covering this issue. I sat in a sac county stakeholders meeting today specifically on the issue of seshes. We are constantly harrassed by police as to our legality and the BCC of California just issued a guideline regarding seshes. They are allowing us to continue as a cooperative or collective until january 9th, 2019. After that is anyones guess as prop 64 was a constitutional amendment that supercedes sb420 and prop 215. So mmj patients will be forever stuck with higher prices and no seshes to buy direct from our local producers. This is particularly worrying because most of us do not make enough money to even afford the meds we need before prop 64 passed. I myself was on a low income program with a gracious company in the past but our connection died on the way home from one of these seshes. So her partner decided to stop being in the sesh business since then. My wife and i barely have the meds, cbd, she needs and its definitely shown in her every day life. These seshes are imperitive to mmj patients and in less than 8 months they will be gone or underground. California has already kicked many small players out of the game with regulatory decisions and i dont see the benefit to prior users of mmj to shove them into the recreational market and all its excessive markups.

  18. the 'modern' left liberals are the authoritarian collectivists of our not trust for the younger 'new' right conservatives at least until we can get out of this rigged two party duopoly system posing as democracy..

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