Film Talk: 2018 Upcoming & 2017 Recap #2 (ASMR)

00:02:10 Upcoming 2018 releases Recapping 2017: 00:32:40 It Comes At Night 00:39:40 The Big Sick 00:42:13 Okja 00:44:44 Spider-Man Homecoming 00:47:41 It 00:50:33 Dunkirk 00:52:25 Bladerunner…


  1. First off, I LOVE your stuff. You’re an amazing ASMRtist! But I gotta bust you up a little and say…if I had a shot every time you said “premise”, I think I’d have alcohol poisoning. 😂😂😜😜😉😉

  2. Everyone's hyped with Ready Player One and I'm here like… I started reading the book but found it to be rather… unoriginal? It's like the american generation that enjoyed anime grew up and one of them wrote a fanfic on the very exploited I'm-inside-a-game genre. Maybe I'm wrong and it get's better later on? (but I get the feeling this is the type of content that SAO fans would enjoy…). Anyone who's read the book, could you say what you enjoyed about it?

  3. I've been subscribed to you for a couple years now and I love you man, you're the only YouTuber I send money to; but what's the point in bringing up the fact that we're not all caucasian? 25:43 You think that's not known? I listen to you, to relax at the end of the day. I hear enough about social issues all throughout the day and trust me, I'm open minded but it's still very stressful to hear about. Please keep it out of the videos.

  4. I must disagree with you on Blade Runner 2049 I thought the soundtrack was amazing and I think the film didn't try to be all bigger and better it's not like a whole bunch of sequels are coming about the blade runner.
    Blade 2049 is not like all the other reboots and sequels this movie had a great story with great cinematography.

  5. i was about to write that the Revenant was best movie instead of Blade Runner but Revenant is from 2015 already, how can this be??? Dunkirk was awesome to watch but i think as a film, story and characters and so … i liked Bladerunner more.

  6. As much as I appreciate this video, I gotta disagree with you on Blade Runner 2049. I thought the nudity was artful. They only used nudity when it was necessary, and during the film’s instances of sex, there is no nudity shown. Nudity is used to represent a nakedness in society, a way of showing that the nude “person” doesn’t fit in, or to show an emptiness of personality and humanity.

  7. I liked your commentary on homophobes because as a bi person myself I agree for the most part but you have to understand you made it sound a lot like the only bigoted people in this world are straight and Caucasian.

  8. Star Wars Films Ranked:

    9. The Phantom Menace (7.9)
    8. Rogue One (8.1)
    7. Attack of the Clones (8.2)
    6. A New Hope (8.3)
    5. Revenge of the Sith (8.4)
    4. Empire Strikes Back (8.6)
    3. Return of the Jedi (8.7)
    2. The Force Awakens (9.2)
    1. The Last Jedi (9.4)

  9. I don't know, the Last Jedi was really racist. Every villain was portrayed as white, while every hero was of some other race. I like diversity in movies but I think they just went a bit to far.

  10. After seeing this I thought it would be cool if you made a film with all of your kind of 'scenarios' cut together with an ongoing storyline. Like a police interrogation and stuff like that

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